The Soul selects her own society,
then Shuts the door.
e. dickinson

Sunday, January 20, 2008

the (p)O(em)ptical text-Refracter

notes for
Optical Refractor Poem
partly inspired by Jean-Dominique Bauby's
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

-the optical refractor would serve as a visual field, permitting text to
move around by plain vision or various types of eye movement (e.g. rapid eye movement, blinking, eye direction)

-text movement to occur within/through apparatus of refractor.

-optical refractor would detect qualities of a person's eyes, like color.
The color, for example, would initiate the tone of a working narrative.
There would be a total number of working narratives based on the amount
of existing human eye color--8 to date. see
which would then be 8 possible narratives, including the color red.

-if there were an optical refractor that detected eye conditions, diseases, disorders
on its own (without an optometrist) in the person viewing/experiencing the text then this could also contribute a possible ongoing narrative in the text--> disorder/disruption of text.

-or any such eye condition would be detected by the optical refractor which would
initiate or prompt the movement of text.

-text can move around in any which direction
-fontsize of text would enlarge, minimize, remain the same.
-3-d text to construct /arrange itself-- like furniture.
-eye conditions/diseases/disorders would also direct the
movement/construction of text.

-3-d images directed by eye-movement.

-blinking also used as a tool to direct/alter text, narrative or poem.

-certain number of blinks to indicate or lead towards an image or word.
see Jean-Dominique Bauby's novel "The Diving Bell & the Butterfly."

-blinking would prompt & direct movement within visual field: right-eye blinks to
turn or walk right, & left-eye blinks to turn or walk left within or around the text
which is simultaneously building itself.