The Soul selects her own society,
then Shuts the door.
e. dickinson

Sunday, September 16, 2007

®oulette Word Game

Write a short poem/story consisting of 38 words. (make sure majority of words are nouns, verbs, adjectives) if you want.

Using the poem/story:
1. replace every number with one word (including 0,00).
2. replace every chip with one syllable (the more syllables to gain or lose).
3. spin the wheel & ball.
4. see where it lands.
5. re-construct the original poem/story based on chance to determine the story/poem.
6. spin wheel 38 times.
7. you may land seveal times on one word and zero on another.
8. place your bets on a word.
9. if it lands, the more syllables gained to stay in the game.
10.but don't count on winning, no one wins.
11.the objective is to reconstruct a poem/story based on the operation.
12.just a means to land on words.

At Foxwoods Casino in Connet-it-Cut:
from the utters of "I need a Lipstick & a USB"

They wanted to &
so did I, we drove through
wood from where line breaks
haven't yet begun,
that I-95 to South 92,
C-Los in his seat
shuffling through De-La-Soul
Cut to: 7th grade, a
lapse of bored pencil carvings
mark roads on the desk,
who would've known
we'd grow up to get out
of Providence in a hurry
for readymade chance encounters
on the table: I ask a 20-something male
"what's your number" to which
he says "21" & it hits, a curtain
of digital red falls flat, I knock over
P-Dog's rum & coke on the
3rd 12, even numbers turn over
from sleep paralysis in Berlin,
a Chinese woman pulls out
a Hair blow-dryer
as if to scan the causes of chance
while the other one rings
a gold elephant charm
quietly to herself. We stare
at the numbers awaken
softly from behind the bars
of zero; 28 in a queen-size bed
batting lashes in bright red lipstick
& it occurs to us that
there might be nothing
behind those numbers
but rooms that house
a ghost of gestures
to make you win
if you aren't attached
to a physical world.