The Soul selects her own society,
then Shuts the door.
e. dickinson

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Notes on Acrylic-Cake furniture food

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1. Square double layer cake:

Materials: Utrecht/Joanne's Fabric

-readymade canvases
-zap glue
-acrylic paint (white, gold)
-pink nylon thread


-glued smaller square canvas on top of the larger canvas
-spread white acrylic paint over entire piece as frosting
-spread gold tint acrylic paint over it to make it look old
-glued buttons on top surface of both layers to add color, candy, flavor, evoke more edibility.
-winded thread around all buttons, connecting them in various symmetries


Past experiences surface from the cake in which it becomes 'relic' to a conglomeration of occurrences from the past:
Desire to preserve relationships/events, childhood, reconcile with past, anxiety regarding uncertainty of future, my mother’s compulsiveness to shop for food and the house being overstocked with food, to replace/disguise initial lack,religious iconography.
Limitation (in purchase selection & inability to eat)
Prolongation of desire
Visual edibility
Exploit readymade canvas (original attempt in building small furniture pieces)
Readymade Canvas (notion of artist as consumer of materials to create, the convenience to “make art” compulsively--this in relation to anxiety, death.)
Limited choice selection inherent in the consumption of readymade canvas (aesthetic as a consequence of this limitation--as is the case for 9x12in. oval canvases)
Acrylic-paint as edible medium (tension of inability to eat this medium)

Eating (desire, inability, lack)
+ Consumption (of canvases to reconstruct the present)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Self Portrait as Self Portrait

5 Instructions For The Successful Creation Of An Enviable Self Portrait:

1. take off yr face but leave it on (for further instructions please visit "The Heart Sutra").
2. be sure the waist stylistically fits around the 1930's for the best silhouette.
3. laugh, as accident on canvas by recognizing small shapes in the distance.
4. rescue excess laughter from the canvas weave and rework into finer details that pose as "style".
5. be mildly attracted to yr representation.


Karaoke footage as pattern or source of color for dress,
embroidered lyrics and song&artist as label.

Digitial printer might make it work.