The Soul selects her own society,
then Shuts the door.
e. dickinson

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

post-it list of neat things

pascal incorporates narrative in his design:
ron's Concrete Stereo
assa's 501 chair:
martin baas asks the Chair to be a Bookshelf!
sam's video chair:
their so happy:
Halla with those lamps fam! (as yoyos would say):
the tree trunk table & dresser drawers...da-dayaam:
that lawn chair got ta go:
don't quite trust this guy, tho he could probably rob an ant:
what a cutie:
2020 lampshade:
projecting shadows of trees on buildings, moving wallpaper:
The fold up canvas deck chairs:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

poem to be read with Chanel fashion show 3

After M.C. Creeley’s anger

Is it your anger,
then, the one you’ve
made us listen to, not
one involved, whose
face if not the cry
or close breathing, what
you give to the world.
Which sun was wrong
to come on? Love, no
not the way you’ve said
it, meant it and made familiar
for the rest of us to save,
a clutter of not enough.
Something I know
is black, the pit
not wanting to
be pulled in; it cannot
pull an expression
double or split.
You say who did what,
not a rage, but
one done to be wrote,
I do not see the cry;
the self sight which
returns, not giving
but what life
was it we were
talking about;
It’s true that
all I say I want
to do to myself,
I do to others,
when you face me
as a floor, as a hole
in the wall.

Prelude to a having fun with a Canvas-Chair

Been putting together small canvases and
assembling them as furniture models. It
started in July 2005 with making a box,
then moved towards a tiny bed, desk, couch, chair.
But now having the desire to make them life-size.
So I will go ahead and assemble a chair. Also
looking into repetition, production of readymade canvases,
"clinical" whiteness, anxiety & convenience of
being able to purchase a canvas to "paint" on.
And because I can't paint, there's a desire to build
out of them, though limiting and costly.
But that's just it! To buy buy buy & build build build,
though its mostly already been built for you.
Without too much emphasis on that, it also just
looks fun, stark white and factory made.
Utrecht+Ikea= canvas furniture.