The Soul selects her own society,
then Shuts the door.
e. dickinson

Saturday, June 30, 2007

the vingle

Hair, like any other part of the body becomes an outlet for whatever pressures/events occur. Fixation of a body part is reactive in that it assists in (impulsively or extensively) coping with unresolved pressures. Style, as an outlet that owes itself to gratification driven by other causes, distracts the body from fixation; it avoides resolution and attaches onto anything that also contributes to the pressures in symmetrical momentum.

Anticipation has been running high ever since the design, which combines a phone with music player, camera and internet browser, all controlled by a touch screen, was unveiled in January.
Jessica Rodriguez, who was third in line having queued since Tuesday morning, was overjoyed to have the iPhone in her hands at last.
You like it from the first minute you touch it
Norbert Pauli
"It feels great, oh my God, overwhelming. I never thought this day would come - and now it finally has, it's mind-blowing," she said.
"We got no sleep with the rain and the dump trucks going back and forth. I'm going to go home and sleep and play with my phone a little bit."
She plans to give the second handset - Apple will let each customer buy only two - to her sister.
All those who buy the iPhone must activate it via iTunes, so no-one was able to call from their new handset as they left the Apple store.
But Norbert Pauli, a German working at the UN in New York, said he had been impressed by the phone's easy handling even from the little he had been able to do so far.
"The Mac community has waited for so many months and read so many reports. It does feel exactly how it should feel," he said.
"It's a masterpiece of craftsmanship, polished aluminium - the weight and size, it just feels great. You like it from the first minute you touch it."

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nag Kanta Para sa Dios.

What occurs in the karaoke-interior changes the quality of sound and experience all together. Karaoke (empty-orchestra) as cultural apparatus; to view what surrounds the machine, a center that collects an audience to reflect back on itself. How many voices have entered and left the moment through subjective relation to the song? By singing, one's job, occupation, etc. is projected into the means (karaoke) and released back into the environment which supplies and prolongs it. The kitschy background also contributes to temporal hope and execution of stress in that it has no cultural relevance to the environment whatsoever; it passively supports the exterior and stimulates the singer/viewer to sing out what hasn't been fulfilled or desires to. Its temporality can motivate the release of pressures or accumulate them; either way, its limitation doesn't exceed what it 'serves'--to 'gather people together' in the form of an 'empty orchestra' where no one is listening but those that equally participate in a neutral form which mirrors the environment through sound.